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We are the only manufacturers from Romania and amongst the only ones from Europe of wooden cases for smartphones; first models that we developed are for iPhone (6, 6+, 7 &7+) and now we are designing and testing wood case for Samsung 8 and 8+.

Our headquarters and factory is based in Suceava, Romania. The team is young but with high experience in managing difficult projects, having been involved in designing, manufacturing and execution of construction and finishing works for Malls and Cinemas in the last 5 years (fit & out type of projects).

Last half of year was full of challenges, with important new beginnings and hard decisions regarding the design, the creation and the manufacturing of the product. It all started from the idea of finding the perfect balance between: protection, design, function, ‘art and science’.

Each piece of wood is unique and, therefore, every wooden case is unique. Not long ago we had the launching event of the product; you can watch the highlights here:

Sleep and wake button & the up and down volume button – entirely built into the case, carved with high precision, which allows you to easily lock and unlock your smart phone and change the volume.

The ring/silent switch button is fully accessible and the cut-out is a highpoint of design.

Technical specifications

The rear camera fits perfect with our design. Our craftsmanship, attention for details and respect towards technical requirements, together with the specifications of the producer of the smartphone, guarantees that each function of your camera is one hundred percent functional.

The original accessories of the smartphone fits into the bottom of wood case, without using extenders for the charger or for headphones jack.

The end result is Nooc’s wood case that adds to the smart device less than 2 mm of wood, by combining nature, technology, engineering and craftsmanship.

We bet on our craftsmanship, our tenacity and our youthfulness to provide, in the end, a product of high quality accessible to everyone. We treat our partners, our communities and our Planet with respect. We are committed to doing business with the highest ethical values, taking great care of our associates and taking full responsibility for our sustainable manufacturing process.

And, because we LOVE nature and want to give Mother Nature something in return, we are committed to organize and implement community tree planting projects. For people from our company, planting a young tree is a lasting mark of respect towards Mother Nature and brings together all special people in a partnership of improving the natural environment that will benefit future generations. Each iWoddyCase is carefully packed in Nooc’s workshop and comes with Tree Planting Certificate – our gift to the final customer. See more details here:

We are now pioneers in a challenging new market for us, amongst companies with rich background and years and years of experience. But we are strong, we are skillful, we are dedicated, we are smart … Working for smartphones.

Laurentiu Galan

Sofia Vicoveanca Boulevard, nr 117,2A,
“SAFE Office Building”
00 4 0745 835 521