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The easiest way to contribute to Romania's afforestation 

Every minute, huge areas of forests disappear worldwide. That’s about 48 football fields. In the best case scenario, in those deforested areas, other seedlings are being planted, which will form a new forest in 2-25 years. Unfortunately, the afforestation rate is far too small compared to irrational deforestation, and if we want our grandchildren to breathe fresh air, we need to mobilize and contribute in a sustainable way to the planting of new forests. 

How can you contribute to Romania's afforestation? 

Nooc, the first Romanian manufacturer of genuine wood cases for smartphones, will start regular afforestation actions at the end of each batch of cases sold. The online platform was launched on April 15th, and the afforestation action will take place when the first stock is exhausted.In collaboration with the Forestry Authority Suceava, the plantation of seedlings will be held in the region of Pojorâta, Suceava.


What are Natural Wood Cases - For smart. Choose Nature 

Now you have a natural and ultramodern alternative to personalize your phone and, and why not, to highlight your own personality. If you want a luxurious and unique accessory for your smartphone, Nooc is the best solution. The wood case is functionally similar to the PVC case, as it protects your phone from dirt and scratches. From an aesthetic point of view, however, the natural wood case gives your phone an original, unique, authentic and luxurious look. As there are no two people with identical fingerprints, there are no two Nooc wooden cases that look the same. Each case has a unique look, thanks to the natural mixture of shades of the wood. Time leaves a mark on wine, but so does it when you touch the wooden case. The more you use it, the more you enhance the shades of wood and you will polish its finish.

"The ideas of ​​making wooden cases for smartphones came easily when I saw that phone cases are losing their appeal in time and are becoming flashier. Preparing the design, the plans, testing and accessing the equipment used for the wood preparation is the big challenge. We use high quality wood, all from Romania. Our logo: proudly made in Romania! As I started working with wood and discovering its secrets, I realized that no plastic will ever be able to replace the authenticity and elegance of this noble material. But for that, we have to respect more the Nature and give back a small part of what it offers: the forest. "                      

Laurenţiu Galan, CEO Nooc Romania.


For more details about the afforestation campaign and Nooc’s wood cases, check and


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Home for Woody is our solution

Home for Woody is our solution

We are concerned about the shortage of natural resources, the constant climate change and poor waste management around the World, which directly affects every living being. For example, in Romania, woodlands have become scarce in the last couple of years and reforesting is the only true option available. For that reason, Nooc is dedicated to come up with the best solutions to address the waste that results from manufacturing our products.

And, because we LOVE nature and want to give Mother Nature something in return, we are committed to organise and implement community tree planting projects as soon as possible. Our team has already chosen the tree seedlings that will be planted in Nooc’s planting site. 

Our aim is to improve environmental quality and natural resource utilisation.


Tree Planting Certificate

Every WoddyCase is carefully packed in Nooc’s workshop and comes with a Tree Planting Certificate – our gift to you. This is Nooc’s special way of showing appreciation towards our customers, without whom our responsible and sustainable efforts would not be possible. Due to your support we can plant one more tree in Nooc's forest and for that, we are forever grateful.

Plantings take place seasonally to ensure the tree will thrive. So, if you are planning to visit Romania, you are more that welcomed to spend a day and enjoy a nice picnic in Woody’s Home Plantation.

“At Nooc, planting a young tree is a lasting mark of respect towards Mother Nature and reunites all special people in a partnership of improving the natural environment that will benefit future generations. This is our belief & more!”

                                                                                                     Laur Galan, CEO Nooc