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Home for Woody is our solution

Home for Woody is our solution

We are concerned about the shortage of natural resources, the constant climate change and poor waste management around the World, which directly affects every living being. For example, in Romania, woodlands have become scarce in the last couple of years and reforesting is the only true option available. For that reason, Nooc is dedicated to come up with the best solutions to address the waste that results from manufacturing our products.

And, because we LOVE nature and want to give Mother Nature something in return, we are committed to organise and implement community tree planting projects as soon as possible. Our team has already chosen the tree seedlings that will be planted in Nooc’s planting site. 

Our aim is to improve environmental quality and natural resource utilisation.


Tree Planting Certificate

Every WoddyCase is carefully packed in Nooc’s workshop and comes with a Tree Planting Certificate – our gift to you. This is Nooc’s special way of showing appreciation towards our customers, without whom our responsible and sustainable efforts would not be possible. Due to your support we can plant one more tree in Nooc's forest and for that, we are forever grateful.

Plantings take place seasonally to ensure the tree will thrive. So, if you are planning to visit Romania, you are more that welcomed to spend a day and enjoy a nice picnic in Woody’s Home Plantation.

“At Nooc, planting a young tree is a lasting mark of respect towards Mother Nature and reunites all special people in a partnership of improving the natural environment that will benefit future generations. This is our belief & more!”

                                                                                                     Laur Galan, CEO Nooc