Life iWoodyCase 6

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Carved out of a single block of high quality walnut, iWoodyCase for iPhone 6 has a natural unfinished design, giving a fine-looking, classic and elegant touch to your device.
* All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only and will not be an exact representation of the iWoodyCase you will receive. Due to the unique, individual structure of the wood, your iWoodyCase may vary, only in terms of color and/or shades. You have the option to choose between beige, brown or beige & brown mixture.

Technical Specifications

Enhance your device with a simple and modern case that you can easily use it on a day-to-day basis. 
The sleep/wake button is entirely built into the case and carved with care, which allows you to easily lock and unlock your smartphone. It goes the same for the up/down volume button. After many testing sessions, we have also managed to make the ringer/silent switch button to be fully accessible.
It was a challenge for us to perfect the 3 round cut outs on the back of the case, so that they fit perfectly the rear iPhone camera. The original accessories of your smartphone are easy to introduce into the bottom part of iWoodyCase, without having to use extenders for your charger, jack adapters or having to remove the case.
All these challenges pushed us to test the limits of nature and wood. The final result is a Nooc case that adds less than 2 mm of wood to your device, without compromising the protection, the design or the functions of the phone.