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Ever wondered how the Earth would look like if every single one of us would carry out our day-to-day activities thinking about the mark we leave on our Planet? What if...just think for a second. What if, with every single thing we take from Mother Nature, we give something back?

At Nooc, this is exactly what we are trying to do...but, we can only do it with your help. We view our suppliers, colleagues and clients as partners of the future. Together we can build a better tomorrow, as we are greater, stronger and more creative when we fight for the same cause. 



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Choose   what   nature   designs


We have perfected the process of making wooden cases; therefore each WoddyCase is one of a kind.

Besides traditional manufacturing methods, we are also embracing new technology to design gorgeous WoodyCases that are more comfortable to hold and more functionally useful. Our associates are constantly paying attention to your needs and wants and, as a result, we have come up with unique phone case designs to fit your lifestyle. WoddyCase cut-outs are present and correct, perfectly matching your phone’s front & back cameras and ports.

 We strongly believe that a manufacturer should always adapt to the end user, not the other way around.



Proudly   made   in   Romania!


Nooc’s engineers have continuously worked on and improved the carving process so that the final product has little to no imperfections. Our precise template and manufacture methods: mixing the pleasure of handmade craftsmanship and the pleasure of cutting-edge technology.



Quality and craftsmanship are our core values.


All WoodyCases are made in Romania by a skillful team of people, who love the art of wood carving and use only high quality genuine wood. What makes our designs so beautiful and unique is the fact that every case is carved out of a single block of the finest walnut, cherry or oak wood.

 We have expertise in making slim mobile cases with rounded edges and wide cuts that perfectly fit your mobile phone details and buttons. All cases have a nice wide-open front to make accessing the screen, front-facing camera, touch ID sensor, ambient light sensor and proximity sensor all super easy.

Change your phone design with a fine-looking case from WoodyCase Life Collection, WoodyCase Shine Collection and WoddyCase Custom-made Collection




We are a family of wooden cases enthusiasts, with enough manufacturing capabilities and creative designs, offering unique solutions to support and improve the smartphones market & more.

In terms of manufacturing, quality and design, Nooc’s WoddyCase Collections are elegant & unique, as it enhances the customer’s phone experience and gives you the opportunity to become a trendsetter.